How can I help? Feeling stuck? Overwhelmed? Anxious? Depressed? Please don’t struggle any longer…I can help you overcome personal, relational & professional challenges that you may be facing and we are not meant to face them alone. Are you a professional therapist or helping professional and wanting your own support to prevent compassion fatigue or burnout? Call or email me to begin a new chapter in your life. Change is possible!

It's time to thrive...

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I am a Psychotherapist who works with individuals and families, and other professionals. I received my Masters degree in Social Work in 1993 & I am licensed in Illinois to provide clinical counseling. After 25 years of helping people, I have seen over and over how the key to helping people heal and grow is providing a respectful relationship with someone you can trust. So, I offer you a safe & supportive place to be yourself, tell your story, and create a life worth living! Thanks for stopping by and now that you’ve learned a bit about me, I’d like to get to know you and see if we are a good fit to work together. 

Individual Counseling

Have you experienced anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety? Do you feel stuck and depressed? Are you in mid-life and experiencing a need to re-evaluate your life? Or are you a young adult or adolescent who is wondering how you can figure out who you are or what to do with your life? Are you noticing perfectionism & overachieving? Do you feel like an imposter or that you try hard to please others? Realizing you have low self-esteem? Let me help you find your authentic voice. Calling or emailing is the first step!

Life Coaching

Do you feel stuck? Are you wanting more personally or professionally? Are you wanting to enhance the relationships you already have? Are you at a crossroads and need help making key decisions? Then Life Coaching is for you! Together we will see where you are now, set new goals and then we will walk through practical skills for growth and development. You will be able to create new habits through building new neural pathways. Exciting stuff!

Relationship Coaching

Does your relationship need a tune up? Just been through a big adjustment like a new baby? Or a recent crisis? About to become empty nesters? I love working with couples who want to be together and are looking for ways to connect on a deeper level. Intimacy is something that can grow and develop if trust is in place. Contact me if you are ready to take your relationship into a deeper connection.

EMDR Therapist

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a therapy that will help you identify old negative beliefs and behaviors and using brain science, it will help you move to more self-acceptance and embracing positive beliefs & strengths. EMDR helps you heal and transform any forms of relational or past trauma. 

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